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About Us


What you're wearing on any given day can really alter how you feel inside. Perf' comes out of a combination of Italian design and cutting-edge technology that stands for Passion, Adrenaline and Performance. The Perf story begins in the coastal town of Bari, the capital of Puglia region in southern Italy. A region that's known for being historically rich, vibrant and diverse ever since its existence. Since time immemorial, the town of Bari, known as the "boot" of Italy has been famous for being a land of creativity, entertainment, food, architecture and fashion.

Celebrations, tasty cuisines, traditions, fashion and style are at the center of this ancient & beautiful town. Italian fashion since the beginning has long been synonymous for masterful tailoring, rich history, impeccable style and grand tradition. That's where Perf comes in. 

We at Perf, believe in the philosophy of instilling a sense of attitude that stands for perfection and innovation for athletes everywhere through our apparels. Our Products are dedicated to all those heroes, who live with a "Never Give Up" attitude and extreme zeal. From runners who run for leisure, to fitness freaks who take their every single workout to a new level and to professional athletes who play the game at the highest level, Perf lets each of them find their true rhythm.